Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kinkinfo Needle-play workshop

It is impossible that I didn't finish this earlier, than today.

Things have been crazy, moving. And I simply like to type my things on the computer.
Now back to the subject:

Needleplay workshop by Kinkinfo

Kinkinfo gives information and does workshop on BDSM related topics. The owners Hans and Karin, lovely two people with much experience, but also very open and  approachable.

To give you an idea of what workshop they have on their programm:

Workshop: Aan de Slag met BDSM
Workshop: Zwepen voor Beginners
Workshop: Needleplay voor Beginners
Workshop: Kinky Seks Tips!
Workshop: Sensueel Knifeplay
Workshop: 50 Shades of Kink

Anyway, back to the workshop again: Needleplay

The workshop is divided, in partly theory part and an "actual" training.

We are with a respectable ammount of people, so there is enough time for everyone to ask question and go a bit deeper into the information that we're given.

Not only do we get a lot of examples, we do get a big part in medical/biology theory. The body: what to do and most certainly what NOT do. Why do this and why not do that.

For me this was a very imporant part, because it shows me that (of course I knew this already), that Karin and Hans take their "classes" very serious.
I can not express how important this is!
Especialy, because lets be honest, you play with medical things.

In the second part, you get to try some Needles yourself. Some do this on their own body, some do it on a victim they brought. (Yes, I brought a victim too)

As regards to content of the workshop: This you just need to find out for yourself!
Go check out their website, and go try something you're interested in!

Go do it, go try something new, or something you have been interested about but didn't know how or where to get started.
I promise you, you will love it!

KinkInfo - Website
https://www.facebook.com/KinkInfo?fref=ts - Facebook
https://twitter.com/kinkinfo - Twitter

Spankings and Kisses


Monday, March 18, 2013

April and May, the months of going Belgium again

Here comes Mistress Soviet Mercedes again!

Dear Dutch and Belgian friends, don’t waste any of your time when finished reading this..the beautiful, divine Mistress Soviet Mercedes is visiting Belgium again!
For those who are lucky enough, here’s your chance to serve this strict, totally-out-of-your-league Mistress. So mark these dates in your agenda; 4, 5, 6 and the 7th of april, if you’re anxious to go through the best and most satisfying experience in your humble life!
Of course, duo-sessions with the Goddess Soviet Mercedes and Mistress Shane are also available, but be quick, move that lazy ass bitch!

Also, Mistress Soviet Mercedes filmed some of her previous sessions with those who got lucky during her latest stay in Belgium. In this footage, 3 Mistresses are having fun (of course Mistress Soviet, accompanied by the Belgian Mistresses, Mistress Shane and Mistress Nina). The lucky slaves are going through various subject of miserable and heartwarming treatments, such as CBT, corporal punishment, foot worship, nipple torture and smoke fetish. Links to clipstore coming soon.

For more info about the possibility to serve Mistress Soviet Mercedes, don’t hesitate to contact Her, see the info below!

The Divine Mistress and Goddess Herself Mistress Shane
Dutch phonenumber; +31 623143790
Belgian phonenumber: +32 496 85 92 75
(when phone isn’t answered, the Goddess is busy doing more divine things; don’t be afraid to leave a message or send Her a text)

Written by Subbie of Soviet-Mercedes

Monday, February 18, 2013

Editing help wanted!

(English) (voor nederlands, scroll naar beneden)

My IT / Media / Editing slaves attention!

Due to my days not having enough hours, I am looking for a little helper for editing my video footage.

Basically, what do I need and what are you?

-You are based close to The Hague or have the possibility to travel .
- You have some computer related experience (preferably media + video + audio editing)
 (in perfect conditions, you own a good laptop, but this is not a hard preference)

Applications can be send to soviet-mercedes@hotmail.nl or info@sovietmercedes.com

Only serious applicants!

Maybe you’ll be the lucky one?




Mijn IT/ Media / Editing slaafjes, let op!

Omdat mijn dagen simpelweg niet genoeg uren bevatten, ben ik opzoek naar een helper voor het bewerken en in elkaar zetten van mijn video materiaal.

Kortom, wat heb ik nodig en wat heb en ben jij?

-       Je woont in/dichtbij Den Haag of je hebt de mogelijkheid om te reizen hierheen
-       Je hebt relevante ervaring (bij voorkeur media / video / audio bewerken)
(in optimale omstandigheden, ben jij in bezit van een eigen goede laptop, maar dit is niet een harde vereiste)

Aanmeldingen kunnen verstuurd worden naar soviet-mercedes@hotmail.nl of info@sovietmercedes.com

Alleen serieuze reacties!

Misschien ben jij binnenkort de gelukkige?


Soviet Mercedes

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Feetlovers.be party in the Villa (belgium)

Feetlovers.be party in the Villa,

As it was one day before Christmas, I was extra excited to attend to this party.
Because I have not heard much about it, I really had no idea what to expect.

One of the fav subbies came all the way to pick me up, so we could go together.

First of all, the area is lovely. “The Villa” is not at all far from the Dutch border, which really is a plus.
There is more than enough parking nearby the party location itself, which also is a plus. Don’t you just hate walking around with the big bags? (eventhough I usually don’t carry the bags myself, grin).

Once inside, we’ve got a nice and warm welcome from my dear friend Master Taurus. He showed us around the villa. Quickly hop on into the latex and heels, and let the fun begin!

The Villa has two floors. Downstairs are some bedrooms, the kitchen and living room. Upstairs you’ll find the play area.
A big bed, on one side, with an area perfect designed for trampling. Fun fun! On the other side you can play a bit more, where you’ll also find accessories like whips, canes, collars etc etc. (I broke two while playing with the sub, sorry!)

First I relaxed a bit on the bed, while having some great enjoyable feet massages and a hand massage by my own one. That just felt like heaven! So relaxing, you are balancing between falling asleep and something that must be close to nirvana.

It will be too much to describe all the conversations and the people at the party, nor would I want to do that, because you just have to visit and find out yourself.

But, the owners, and regulars (due privacy reasons I will not use names, but you know who you are!) are just great. Not only the play time, but our conversations and the atmosphere. The pictures turned out lovely!

You feel welcome the instant you walk in, everybody is so friendly.
As it comes to the fetishist, there are all kinds (of course with the “feet” kept in mind). Some just like to watch, some try new things, which is the best I think. There is no pressure.

Please if you are a feetlover, or want to experience this, go and visit here !!
I know I will be attending much more in the nearby future…

For all that were attending, thank you so so much for this great, on to many more in this new year!

Big kisses, spanks and tramplings,



Monday, November 26, 2012

Soviet-Mercedes goes....

…south! Our Belgian neighbours and slaves living on the southern border now also have the luck and honour to be able to serve and worship Mistress Soviet Mercedes.
From now on, Soviet Mercedes will visit Antwerp once or twice a month, where She will be cooperating with Mistress Shane.
For all you lucky slaves, it’s possible to make an appointment for a duo-session with those beautiful Mistresses, but if you want to serve just the Goddess Soviet Mercedes; that’s possible too!
Mistress Soviet is a demanding Domme, Her pleasure will ofcourse be the most important for you, and She’ll use you as a tool to get Her pleasure.
Are you looking for a challenge, and do you think you have what it takes to satisfy Mistress Soviet Mercedes and Mistress Shane? Or do you want to crawl for Soviet Mercedes only? Take your chances now, and look at www.SovietMercedes.com, call Her on +31623143790, text Her on the same number, or e-mail for info; info@SovietMercedes.com anonymous calls won’t be answered, and preferably texting.
Will you be crawling soon for Mistress Soviet…?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Europerve Amsterdam 29/9

Hello my dear Kinksters,

My oh my.... where to start?

As some of you might know, The Rubber Party Europerve was last saturday.
And boy, was this a great party!

A few weeks before Louva contacted me to be on the VIP guest list, also featured on the website. This made me even more excited (and also very honored). As I am thinking back about this weekend, I am still overly excited about it.

To start off, this party was in Amsterdam. Which can be a hastle with parking, but can also come quite handy for those who do not own a car or don't want to drive home.
After getting lucky, finding a parking spot we headed off to the crime scene (grin).

After entering, there was so much beauty (read: rubber) to see. Everyone did put a lot of energy in their outfits. A lot of lube, a lot of rubber and a great atmosphere. The perfect recipe for a evening full of fun.

Take a look at the list of the guests here.

I can keep on talking about how great it was, and how wonderful it was to have a good rubber party again. But I suggest to visit yourself next time! (There are rumors about an upcoming Europerve)

For me personally it was great to finally get a picture of Dutch Dame and me, somehow at the previous parties this didn't work out. (Made by Fetlight)

Also, sigh, love love love the pants and ladies from Ishtar & Brute who have rubberlishious pants for girls with round behinds and hips together with Demask .
And another "also',  there was a fashion show for and by men. Great to see some more upcoming rubber fashion for men!

Custom made catsuit by Slaughterhouse Couture
Overal, be sure you do not miss the next one!



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

End of the years Party agenda

Hello my dear kinksters,

The party time is starting again, so I wanted to bring all of them to your attention.

Yes, I will be attending! If you're lucky you might bump into me..

Saturday 29st september: Europerve
A real RUBBER party in Amsterdam.

Saturday 6th october: B.I.T.C.H.

Saturday 13th october: Fetish Evolution
In Dusseldorf Germany

Saturday 10th november: Dominatrix
This year different than the years before. Not only at a new location, but also with a Dinner and hotel!
Be fast to attend!

Saturday 24th november : Wasteland

Saturday 8th december: Clinic
Personally also one of my favorite fetish parties, good atmosphere and place.

See you soon!

Kinky greetings,